ProKing Ολόσωμη φόρμα αυξημένης προστασίας 3/4/5/6 CATIII

ProKing Ολόσωμη φόρμα αυξημένης προστασίας 3/4/5/6 CATIII

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ProKing coverall meet the following EN norms Production under ISO:9001:2015

CE category III PPE Regulation(EU) 2016/425

TYPE 3 EN14605:Protection against jets of liquid chemicals

TYPE 4 EN14605:Protection against tight spray of liquid chemicals

TYPE 5 EN ISO 13982-1: Protection against solid particulates

TYPE 6 EN13034: Protection against limited liquid chemicals

EN1149-5 Anti-static / Electrostatic

EN14126:Protection against infective agents

EN1073-2:class 1 Protection against radioactive contamination

EN ISO 13688:Protective clothing general requirements

EN 14325:Protective clothing against chemicals

Design: with hood, elastic band at hood, cuffs, wasit back and ankles; zipper front with Storm flap, serged plus heat tape seam

Product Code: SC8800 Benefits: Antistatic, Barrier to infective agents and radioactive particulates, Superior seam strength, Thumb loop, Chinstrap protection, high visible yellow color for improved workers safety;

provide an extremely effective barrier against both inorganic chemicals and biologicals hazards.